Bristol-Oxbridge-Warwick-London (BOWL) 1-day meeting @ Warwick 2017

BOWL @ Warwick 2017

We will be holding the sixth 1-day meeting in this series on

Wednesday, 20th September 2017

at Warwick. The event is funded by an LMS Scheme 3 Grant (31623).

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13:00-13:15: registration

13:15-13:55: Keith Ball (Warwick)
   Rational approximations to zeta

14:00-14:40: Kirsti Biggs (Bristol)
   Waring's problem with shifts

14:45-15:25: Sarah Peluse (Stanford)
    Three-term polynomial progressions in subsets of finite fields

15:30-16:00 coffee break

16:00-16:40: Sophie Stevens (Bristol)
   Some applications of incidence bounds in fields

16:45-17:25: Aled Walker (Oxford)
    Gowers norms control Diophantine inequalities

All talks will take place in MS.04, in the Zeeman Building at Warwick. Tea and coffee will be served in the common room of the Zeeman Building during the break.

An extremal combinatorics workshop, organised by Oleg Pikhurko and Katherine Staden, will be taking place at Warwick during the same week. Some of the talks on Wednesday morning may be of interest to BOWL participants. The programme will be available from the workshop webpage in the next few days.

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Travel information

If you take the train to Coventry, you will be able to get either a bus (number 11, 11U or 12X) or taxi from Coventry station to the University of Warwick--- taxis leave from immediately outside the station and buses from several stops a bit further around past the taxi rank. You will need exact change for some buses--- a return fare to Warwick University is 4 pounds. A taxi costs about 10 pounds one way.

Buses arrive at the bus interchange near to the Student Union and Arts Centre at Warwick University--- a taxi is likely to drop you off in a similar area. From there it is a 5-10 minute walk along University Road to the Maths Institute, see these maps.

See also Warwick University's pages on 'How to get the University' by train and bus.

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James Aaronson, University of Oxford
Ardavan Afshar, UCL
Pierre-Yves Bienvenu, University of Bristol
Jonathan Bober, University of Bristol
Kirsti Biggs, University of Bristol
Thomas Bloom, University of Bristol
* Emmanuel Breuillard, University of Cambridge
* Tim Browning, University of Bristol
James Cann, UCL
Stephanie Chan, UCL
Sam Chow, University of Bristol
Sean Eberhard
Jinhui Fang, University of Oxford
* Andrew Granville, UCL
* Ben Green, University of Oxford
* Adam Harper, University of Warwick
Nikoleta Kalaydzhieva, UCL
Sofia Lindqvist, University of Oxford
Adelina Manzateanu, University of Bristol
Przemek Mazur, University of Oxford
Vladimir Mitankin, University of Bristol
Rudi Mrazovic, University of Oxford
Akshat Mudgal, University of Bristol
Brendan Murphy, University of Bristol
Sarah Peluse, Stanford University
Oleg Pikhurko, Warwick University
Samuel Porritt, UCL
Konstantinos Poulias, University of Bristol
Sean Prendiville, University of Manchester
Luka Rimanic, University of Bristol
Nick Rome, University of Bristol
Misha Rudnev, University of Bristol
Andrea Sartori, UCL
Fernando Shao, University of Oxford
Sophie Stevens, University of Bristol
* Peter Varju, University of Cambridge
Aled Walker, University of Oxford
* Julia Wolf, University of Bristol
Albert Wood, UCL
Trevor Wooley, University of Bristol
Wenqiang Xu, UCL
Yufei Zhao, University of Oxford

* Organisers

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