Warwick-Oxbridge-Manchester-Bristol-London (WOMBL) 1-day meeting @ Oxford 2019

WOMBL @ Oxford 2019

The tenth 1-day meeting in additive combinatorics and analytic number theory will take place at the University of Oxford on

Monday, 23rd September 2019.

The series is funded by an LMS Scheme 3 Grant (31623).

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10:45-11:00: Coffee and welcome

11:00-11:40: James Maynard, University of Oxford
   On the Duffin-Schaeffer conjecture

11:45-12:25: Jonathan Chapman, Manchester
   The Ramsey number of the Brauer configuration

12:30-13:45: Lunch

13:45-14:25: Emma Bailey, Bristol
   Title tbc

14:30-15:10: Speaker tbc
   Title tbc

15:15-15:45: Coffee

15:45-16:25: Julian Sahasrabudhe, Cambridge
   On the existence of flat Littlewood polynomials

16:30-17:10: Sarah Peluse, Princeton
   More bounds in the polynomial Szemerédi theorem

All talks will take place in L4 at the Andrew Wiles Building of the Mathematical Institute at Oxford.

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To register please fill in this google form by September 16th (you can edit your responses later, or simply email me). The participants list below will be updated accordingly.

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How to get here

Detailed travel instructions are available from the webpage of the Mathematical Institute. For most participants, the best way to get to Oxford will be by train. If you are hoping to claim reimbursement of your expenses through WOMBL, please book your tickets as far in advance as possible to keep costs down.

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* Organisers

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