Additive Combinatorics @ Bristol 2015

Additive Combinatorics @ Bristol 2015

We will be holding our third Bristol-Oxford 1-day meeting in additive combinatorics on

Tuesday, 3rd November 2015

in Howard House at the University of Bristol.

The event is supported by the Heilbronn Institute within the University of Bristol, and the ERC Starting Grant 279438 "Approximate Algebraic Structure".

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11:00-11:45: Andrew Granville (University College London/Université de Montréal)
   Sieves and smoothing
11:50-12:35: Pierre-Yves Bienvenu (University of Bristol)
   Asymptotics for some polynomial patterns in the primes

12:40-14:00: Lunch break

14:00-14:45: Pablo Candela (Renyi Institute)
   Continuous models for some additive combinatorial problems
14:50-15:35: Rudi Mrazovic (University of Oxford)
   Additive triples of bijections

15:40-16:00: Coffee break

16:00-16:45: Sean Eberhard (University of Oxford)
   Invariable generation of the symmetric group
16:50-17:35: Open problem session

17:40-18:10: Wine reception

All talks will take place in the 4th floor seminar room at Howard House (please click for directions).

If you would like to join us for dinner at Nomu from 6:30pm please email me.

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Ben Barber, University of Bristol
Pierre-Yves Bienvenu, University of Bristol
Thomas Bloom, University of Bristol
Tim Browning, University of Bristol
Pablo Candela, Renyi Institute
Sam Chow, University of Bristol
David Conlon, University of Oxford
Sean Eberhard, University of Oxford
Andrew Granville, University College London/Université de Montréal
* Ben Green, University of Oxford
Oleksiy Klurman, University College London
Jakub Konieczny, University of Oxford
Sofia Lindqvist, University of Oxford
Frederick Manners, University of Oxford
James Maynard, University of Oxford
Przemek Mazur, University of Oxford
Rudi Mrazovic, University of Oxford
Eric Naslund, Princeton University
Sean Prendiville, University of Oxford
Luka Rimanic, University of Bristol
Misha Rudnev, University of Bristol
Fernando Shao, University of Oxford
Fiona Skerman, University of Bristol
Sophie Stevens, University of Bristol
Peter Varju, University of Cambridge
Aled Walker, University of Oxford
Miguel Walsh, University of Oxford
* Julia Wolf, University of Bristol
Yufei Zhao, University of Oxford

* Organisers

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