Bristol-Oxford 1-day meeting (BrOx) @ Oxford 2016

Additive Combinatorics @ Oxford 2016

We will be holding our fourth Bristol-Oxford 1-day meeting on

Thursday, 7th July 2016

at the Oxford Mathematical Institute.

This event is preceded by "Geometry, Number Theory and Logic: A celebration of the mathematics of Nigel Hitchin, Roger Heath-Brown and Boris Zilber on the occasion of their retirements" in the afternoon of Wednesday, 6th July, and participants may wish to make travel arrangements accordingly.


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11:00-11:45: Sofia Lindqvist (University of Oxford)
   Partition regularity of generalised Fermat equations
11:50-12:35: Trevor Wooley (University of Bristol)
   Efficient congruencing for deficient systems

12:40-14:00: Lunch break

14:00-14:45: Hong Liu (Warwick University)
   On the number of subsets of [n] with no k-term arithmetic progression
14:50-15:35: Sam Chow (University of Bristol)
   Roth - Waring - Goldbach

15:40-16:00: Coffee break

16:00-16:45: Ben Green (University of Oxford)
   Sarkozy's theorem in function fields
16:50-17:35: Open problem session

Detailed abstracts are available here.

All talks will take place in L5 at the Oxford Mathematical Institute.

If you would like to join us for dinner at Mamma Mia from 6:15pm please email us.

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Ardavan Afshar, University College London
Pierre-Yves Bienvenu, University of Bristol
Kirsti Biggs, University of Bristol
Thomas Bloom, University of Bristol
* Tim Browning, University of Bristol
Sam Chow, University of Bristol
David Conlon, University of Oxford
* Ben Green, University of Oxford
Roger Heath-Brown, University of Oxford
Jakub Konieczny, University of Oxford
Sofia Lindqvist, University of Oxford
Hong Liu, Warwick University
Frederick Manners, University of Oxford
Adelina Manzateanu, University of Bristol
James Maynard, University of Oxford
Przemek Mazur, University of Oxford
Vladimir Mitankin, University of Bristol
Rudi Mrazovic, University of Oxford
Akshat Mudgal, IIT Kanpur
Samuel Porritt, University College London
Sean Prendiville, University of Oxford
Luka Rimanic, University of Bristol
Fernando Shao, University of Oxford
Yash Singh, IIT Kanpur
Raphael Steiner, University of Bristol
Sophie Stevens, University of Bristol
* Julia Wolf, University of Bristol
Trevor Wooley, University of Bristol
Yufei Zhao, University of Oxford

* Organisers

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