Bristol-Oxbridge-Warwick-London (BOWL) 1-day meeting @ Oxford 2018

BOWL @ Oxford 2018

The eighth 1-day meeting in additive combinatorics and analytic number theory will take place on

Wednesday, 26th September 2018

at the University of Oxford.
The series is funded by an LMS Scheme 3 Grant (31623) and the School of Mathematics at the University of Bristol, and the first three talks form part of the "Clay at 20" event.

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10:00-15:00: Clay at 20 -- please check schedule!

15:00-15:30: Registration and coffee

15:30-16:15: Gene Kopp (Bristol)
   Complex equiangular lines and the Stark conjectures

16:15-17:00: Djordjo Milovic (UCL)
   Joint distribution of spins and applications

17:00-17:45: Julia Wolf (Cambridge)
   The structure of stable sets

All talks will take place in the Andrew Wiles Building of the Mathematical Institute at Oxford. Talks ended up taking place in L4.

We will be going for dinner in the early evening. If you want to join, please make sure you fill in this google form by August 29th (you can edit your responses later).

If you haven't already registered for the Clay event but would like attend the talks, again please fill in this google form by August 29th.

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* Adam Harper, Warwick
Akshat Mudgal, Bristol
Aled Walker, Cambridge
Andrea Sartori, UCL
* Ben Green, Oxford
Borys Kuca, Manchester
Brendan Murphy, Bristol
Christopher Frei, Manchester
Djordjo Milovic, UCL
* Emmanuel Breuillard, Cambridge
Gene Kopp, Bristol
Ioannis Tsokanos
James Aaronson, Oxford
James Maynard, Oxford
Javier Pliego, Bristol
Jonathan Bober, Bristol
Jonathan Chapman, Manchester
* Julia Wolf, Cambridge
Kirsti Biggs, Bristol
Nikoleta Kalaydzhieva, UCL
Oleksiy Klurman, UCL
Peter Humphries, UCL
* Peter Varju, Cambridge
Ruoyi Wang, Oxford
Sam Chow, York
Sean Prendiville, Manchester
Sofia Lindqvist, Oxford
Thomas Bloom, Cambridge
* Tim Browning, Bristol/IST
Wenqiang Xu
Winston Heap, UCL

* Organisers

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